Woods of Whitchurch

The order form for food and other items from Woods of Whitchurch (WoW) is now available. Please read the instructions on page 3 so we can deliver this service as smoothly as possible.

We are hoping to get hard copies to as many people as we can..

If you would like an electronic copy then please contact Victoria Smith-Milne who will arrange that for you. Her contacts details are victoria@oldcourthotel.co.uk, telephone/text/whats app 07786 543457.

Victoria is co-ordinating the ordering and delivery service on WoWs behalf.

We at WoW will be fulfilling your order and contacting you to arrange payment.

This is a new process that we all have to get use to in these changed times. We may have a few tweeks to make over the coming weeks but I’m sure we will all make it work so we remain fit and healthy.