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Which Monmouth pubs are open?
Thanks Chris. Will let you know if I hear anything..
Hello Angela, as far as i am aware - no. From what i can gather though they may be reopening on 4th June. Do not quote me on that but let me know if you hear any updates. Thank you.
Are there any dentists open?
Awesome, i'll add a page up for you shortly. If you have any more information you'd like me to add let me know.
Bees for Development (Honey shop in town)
Hi all,

Just to let you know, we have a click and collect service up and running for those living nearby to order from our shop. We have a great range of local honey's.
Angela West
Thank you Claudia! We'll get in touch with them.
Claudia Blair
Neil Powell will do deliveries on Thursday. or 01600 716655
Angela West
Does anyone know where we can get free range chickens - preferably delivered?
Sorry guys, wasn't at computer much yesterday. I'll add/edit those last couple of entries now. Thanks.
Prescription collector
Boots (chemist) are taking on a lot of new drivers and say delivery slots are now available.
Overmonnow garage
Overmonnow Garage will continue to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for essential goods! Please adhere to social distancing recommendations when you visit the store. Call us on 01600712632 if you have any questions. Thanks!
I am a carer on the front line , so nice for the government and people in a hole say "without you we would be really stuck at NHS". Just been in a very well know store in Monmouth. They have a slot 5pm-6pm for NHS staff,
i showed them my ID as shopping for a client. I did point out i'm a registrar with social care Wales and they can check. They said unless i have some sort of NHS letter they or proof they are not letting us do homebound clients shopping. As we are being told by the lovely people of Monmouth and the government we are doing a first class job and working very long hours of the day. We have always though it a very great honour to serve your town in these very sad times. I think i feel like the forgotten army with some big stores. I have sent a letter recorded delivery to the number one in that compant and will let our M.P know about it all, the way the big stores treat us! (sorry Barry, i edited your post as all the caps-lock was a bit disruptive. thank you for your message).
Patick Harkness
This is brilliant Chris. MIND is also providing support to the households impacted by the floods. Remember them?
Cheers. Updated. 🙂
Monmouth MOT Centre is open for essential repair work and MOTs where still required. Please call us on 01600 712727 for advice or bookings.
Well done Chris x
Thank you Lisa and David. Both added to the shops and services page!
Lisa Froggatt
From Monnow Eyecare
26 March at 14:35 ·
We are still open for emergencies spectacle or eye related.
Please ring 01600715299 or email as we are operating locked door policy, if you need us
David J. Tovey t/as MonTeas
MonTeas: Pre-Order by Telephone for LOCAL order deliveries (within walking distance of MonTeas Shop) - NO delivery charge & NO minimum order, OR COLLECTION, subject to T’s & C’s. N.B. for walking distance deliveries this will be part of my personal exercise allowance! We will get through this and a decent cuppa might help too.
Ah, Humphrey! How lovely that the site has reached you without me contacting you. I have seen a few people doing live streams where you mark your own but there are 1000s of great online quizzes you can do. I'll call you shortly.

Vicky Fraser, i have added it to the Shops & Services page. Thank you!
well done Chris. Very comprehensive, informative and useful. Any online quizzing??
Vicky Fraser
Monnow Mowers & Cycles are still open for any gardening equipment or pedal bike requirements. Wonastow Industrial Estate
Thank you everyone for your comments.
stephanie Thomas
Hi I work for Mind Monmouthshire, do you have an email that I can send a JPEG of the services we offer at the moment. We have a text, email and phone support service which can be booked weekly and other services coming soon. My email is
Just wanted to advise, I have seen that Thurabread Bakery in Monmouth have closed from lunchtime today 26th March, until such time it is safe to reopen.
Waltraud Englefield
We have some spare gardening tools if anybody wants to pick up from Wyesham. Mobile 07890 599880 or message me on FB. We will leave the tools on the front lawn for you to pick up.
No problem. I will update shortly.
Hannah and Gareth Modget
Hi, can you please put on the Car Care post that:- the shop is open for key workers, emergency service staff and car essentials. Please only visit if it is essential. Contact Car Care via Facebook.
Wigmores Bakery
Offering home deliveries Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays. Please telephone (01600712083) orders through before 3pm prior day to delivery or email Cash or card payment on delivery.
Gareth Modget
Car Care Monmouth

We will be open this Friday from 12pm-3pm.

This is to help key workers, emergency service staff and any people who may need any essentials for their vehicle.

We will only allow 1 person in the shop at a time due to our store being so small and we would like everyone to adhere to the government guidelines on social distancing keeping 2 metres apart. The same goes for if you need to queue outside, leaving at least 2 metres between people. We will only be accepting card payments.

If you wish to order something that we may not have in stock then please message us on here and we can get it ordered in for you.

We must stress, please visit us only if it is essential.

Going forward, we may open up a couple of times a week to help key workers but we will keep you updated on that.

Feel free to share this message with anyone that you think will need this service.

Thank you, the Car Care Team
David Rees
If there is anything l can do to help in the Monmouth area l have a vehicle..can help out with the elderly or anything which needs to be done 07970323248
There are lots of reasons some people need to drive.

I'm disappointed my wife who works for the NHS was hassled / honked by other drivers today on the A40 traveling to/from work today.

Courtesy please & don't assume you know why people are driving.
Try to assume the best of people.
No vigilantes!

Thank you.
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