All pharmacies are currently OPEN


Update: They are taking on lots of new drivers and more delivery slots are now available.

Boots are open 9am-5pm except for 12pm-1pm lunch and to catch up on the overwhelming amount of work they have. If their delivery service is full to capacity you ca ndrive to the store and call them on 01600713119, they will collect the prescription for you and bring it outside for you to further reduce contact with other people.

Rosser D R LTD have released this statement on Paracetamol

The law regarding the sale of Paracetamol has been relaxed in view of the current situation, which means that we can split packs of 100 Paracetamol (only available on prescription) into packs of 30 to sell over the counter from tomorrow morning (23rd March).

To endeavour to make it fair for everyone, we are limiting sales to one pack per customer at a cost of £2 as it stands at the moment but obviously, if the suppliers put their prices up, we will have to reflect this in any future sale price.

As of tomorrow, we are restricting the amount of people in the shop to a maximum of THREE people at any one time to try to reduce contact. Anyone additional customers will be asked to wait outside.

We will also, at our discretion, shut the pharmacy for an hour so that staff can have some lunch, reorganise and try to catch up with any backlog. During this time, we will also not be answering the phone, so please try again later on.

We would really appreciate your understanding at this very challenging time for pharmacy and respect the fact that the staff are doing their very best in the difficult circumstances.

Stay safe, all!

Message from webmaster: I believe Home Bargains still have Paracetamol in stock also